Use Sekelbos wood (Braaihout) or Oak wood on the BBQ, OFYR, Plancha or Grill

Oak and Sekelbos wood are both popular choices for barbecues, but they differ in several ways, from their origins to their burning properties and flavor profiles. We at Ecolighter have highlighted the most important differences between these two types of wood for you:

In this photo we use sekelbos wood, also known as; braai wood in Afrikaans.

  1. Origin:
    • Oak wood: Oak wood comes from the oak, a tree widespread in Europe, North America and other parts of the world.
    • Sekelbos wood: Sekelbos wood is native to South Africa and is extracted from the Sekelbos shrub, a native plant species in the region.

  2. Burning properties:
    • Oak wood: Oak wood is known for its slow, even burning. It produces consistent heat and a smoky flavor that pairs well with a variety of foods.
    • Sekelbos wood: Sekelbos wood is known for its rapid ignition and intense heat. It burns hot and fast, making it ideal for quickly grilling meat and other dishes. Due to the low moisture percentage in this extremely dry type, there is also much less smoke when burned.

  3. Flavor profile:
    • Oak wood: Oak wood imparts a subtle smoky flavor to dishes, which goes well with a wide range of ingredients. It adds a depth of flavor without being overpowering.
    • Sekelbos wood: Sekelbos wood has a powerful smoky flavor that can be more pronounced than that of oak. It can add intense flavor to grilled dishes, especially meat.

  4. Availability:
    • Oak wood: Oak wood is generally readily available in areas where oak trees grow, such as Europe and North America. It is often used for barbecue charcoal and smoking wood.
    • Sekelbos wood: Sekelbos wood is more specific to South African regions. It is traditionally used as braai wood in South African cuisines. It has already found its way to the European market. You will find many providers of this in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany

Depending on what you are going to cook, bake or braise, we at Ecolighter also use different types of wood. Partly because of the application at the moment, the taste it gives your meat, fish or vegetables or simply because we feel like it!

Ultimately, one thing remains certain regardless of your preference... You use Ecolighter to light it in a safe, fast and economical way!