Ecolighter, "the Eco-way of Lighting"

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Burns for 25 minutes at 500 degrees

Burns for 20-25 minutes at approximately 500 degrees

Very easy to light

A great fire in no time

A must for BBQ enthusiasts

The Ecolighter is well known in the BBQ industry and is also a sponsor of many events such as BBQ Championship of the Low Countries , Plancha dealer & much more!

Much cheaper than alternatives!

Instead of handfuls of firecrackers or 5 firelighters, take the Ecolighter ! Faster, safer and ultimately cheaper !

Non-toxid and completely environmentally friendly

Made from plant-based resin

  • One pack - 10 pieces Ecolighter

    Single version

    €6.95 + shipping costs

    1 pack

    10 pieces

    Up to 500 degrees surf

    20-25 minutes per block

    View the one pack 
  • Three pack - 30 pieces of Ecolighter

    3-fold version

    €14.95 + shipping costs

    3 packages

    30 pieces

    Up to 500 degrees surf

    20-25 minutes per block

    View the three pack 
  • 100 pieces Ecolighter

    10-fold version


    100 pieces

    Up to 500 degrees surf

    20-25 minutes per block

    Check out the 100 pack! 
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  • Barbecue, grilling and planchas

    Because of the temperature that the Ecolighter reaches ( +500 degrees ), burning time of 20-25 minutes, you will never have to worry about lighting your Barbecue, plancha or outdoor fireplace again.

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  • Survival and camping

    Are you a fan of camping or survival? And do you have difficulty (easily) starting a fire at a campsite? Then the Ecolighter will illuminate you enormously! Due to its compact size and lightweight (300g) it fits in any bag!

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  • Indoor or outdoor fireplace

    The Ecolighter is also useful for lighting your indoor or outdoor fireplace . Place the Ecolighter, build with wood around the Ecolighter and in no time you will have a wonderfully controlled fire.

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Guarantees at Ecolighter

Ecolighter guarantee


Ecolighter products are 100% biodegradable - not harmful to the environment - and do not emit any toxic substances


Free shipping above €35,-

Competitively priced

Our biggest competitor is ourselves!

Convenience around fire

Lighting a fire was still so easy