Collection: Europe's #1 fire starter for BBQs, Planchas and fire pits

Ecolighter firelighters for BBQs, Planchas, OFYR, Bastard, Kamado, wood fireplaces and campers. The innovative invention of a Dutch couple who make lighting wood easier, simpler and safer for everyone! Available in small and large quantities.

Easily light your wood or coal with 1 Ecolighter. Simple: it burns for about 25 minutes at 500 degrees, causing everything to catch fire.

The Ecolighter is:

  • Effectively more economical
  • Up to 15x more effective than fire starters, fire starters and other fire accelerators
  • Does not emit any toxic substances
    Europa's #1 aanmaakblok voor BBQ's, Plancha's en vuurkorven
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    Where do you use the Ecolighter?

    Barbecue, grilling, fireplace or plancha!


    Customers use Ecolighter to get the coal in a Bastard to TOP temperature.


    Customers use Ecolighter to light the wood in an Ofyr in no time!

    BBQ Plancha

    Customers use Ecolighter to light the wood in no time in a plancha from BBQ-Plancha!

    BBQ Coal

    Customers use Ecolighter to light coals in a traditional BBQ as quickly as possible, with the best ignition.

    Hearth of Survival

    Customers use Ecolighter to light wood, coal, etc. as quickly and safely as possible in a survival situation or fireplace.