Safety guaranteed with Ecolighter as a fire starter

Safety: Ecolighter as a safer choice

At ECOLIGHTER we not only strive for excellence in performance, but also to ensure safety during every barbecue, survival day or fire-up evening.

  1. Controlled combustion
  2. Balanced flame
  3. No harmful fumes
  4. Fire temperature control
Controlled Ignition:

The design of Ecolighter ensures controlled combustion (up to approx. 500 degrees Celsius). Unlike loose lighter fluids or wood shavings, Ecolighter minimizes the risk of accidental fire spread. With a simple and safe ignition procedure, Ecolighter provides peace of mind when lighting a fire.

Balanced Flame:

Ecolighters's advanced formulation results in a balanced flame that burns evenly without sudden bursts. This consistent combustion (approximately 20-25 minutes) ensures a safer environment for users.

No harmful fumes:

Unlike some traditional lighting methods, Ecolighter does not produce harmful fumes during the combustion process. This removes exposure to potentially toxic substances, improving air quality around the fire and protecting users from potential health risks.

Fire temperature control:

Ecoligher's controlled combustion temperature, which exceeds 500 degrees Celsius, ensures efficient lighting. This precise control minimizes the risk of accidental burns or damage to materials in the immediate vicinity of the fire.

Ecolighter is not only an innovative solution for lighting fires, but also a safer choice for indoor use. With its advanced design and attention to safety, Ecolighter transforms the way people enjoy fire for a BBQ, survival day or lighting the fireplace.