Tips for lighting a wood-burning fireplace (indoors or outdoors) with Ecolighter

With Ecolighter you can light your indoor or outdoor fireplace in a safe, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly way!

Here are the steps to safely light a fireplace using Ecolighter:

  1. Check whether the air supply openings of the wood stove are open. This ensures good air flow, which is important for efficient combustion.

  2. Stack dry, clean and well-ventilated firewood in the wood stove. Make sure that the wood is not too close together so that sufficient oxygen can circulate.

  3. Place one or more Ecolighter firelighters under the firewood. Distribute them evenly to promote even combustion.

  4. Light the firelighters with a long lighter or match. Keep sufficient distance and be careful when lighting.

  5. Carefully close the door of the wood stove and wait until the fire is burning well. Make sure that the air supply openings are not completely closed to allow sufficient oxygen for combustion.

Why use Ecolighter?

  1. Environmentally friendly : Ecolighter firelighters are made from natural materials and contain no harmful chemicals, making them an environmentally friendly option for lighting a wood-burning stove.

  2. Safety : By using Ecolighter firelighters you avoid the need to use flammable liquids such as fire starter gel, which can be dangerous when used in a wood-burning stove.

  3. Efficiency : Ecolighter firelighters provide a consistent and long lasting flame (20-25 minutes at 500 degrees), making it easier to get and maintain a good fire in the wood stove.

By following these steps and using Ecolighter firelighters, you can light your wood-burning stove in a safe, environmentally friendly and effective way.

Remember to always follow the instructions on the firelighter packaging and take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.