Tips for lighting a BBQ, Kamado, Green Egg or Bastard with Ecolighter

With Ecolighter you can light the Kamado, Green Egg, Bastard or BBQ in a safe, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly way!

Here are the steps to safely light a barbecue using Ecolighter:

  1. Make sure your barbecue is on a stable and level surface, away from flammable materials and buildings.

  2. Stack the charcoal or briquettes in the barbecue in a layer or a pyramid, depending on your preference and the type of barbecue you are using.

  3. Place one or more Ecolighter firelighters between the charcoal or briquettes. Make sure that the firelighters are evenly distributed over the coals.

  4. Light the firelighters with a long lighter or match. It is important to keep sufficient distance and be careful when lighting.

  5. Let the fire starters burn completely and let the charcoal or briquettes heat up for a few minutes before you start barbecuing.

Why use Ecolighter?

  1. Environmentally friendly : Ecolighter firelighters are made from natural materials and contain no harmful chemicals, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

  2. Safety : Ecolighter cubes provide a safe way to light your barbecue because they do not produce harmful fumes that can affect your food.

  3. Efficiency : Ecolighter fire starters burn long enough (20-25 minutes) and produce plenty of heat (500 degrees) to ignite the charcoal or briquettes evenly, ensuring a consistent and efficient barbecuing experience.

By following these steps and using Ecolighter firelighters , you can enjoy a safe, environmentally friendly and enjoyable barbecuing experience. Remember to always follow the instructions on the firelighter packaging and take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.