Sekelbos wood or braai wood with Ecolighter

Ecolighter and Sekelbos wood, both with their unique properties, form a perfect combination for those who want an environmentally friendly and authentic barbecue experience on their Ofyr, BBQ-Plancha, Kamado, Green Egg or Bastard.

Ecolighter , an innovative product using recycled materials and sustainable technologies, offers a clean and efficient alternative to traditional firelighters. By reducing its ecological footprint, Ecolighter fits perfectly with the sustainable lifestyle that many consumers strive for. Its use minimizes the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. With Ecolighter you can enjoy the convenience of lighting your barbecue without harming the environment.

Sekelbos wood, also known as braai wood, is a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts because of its excellent burning properties and the delicious flavor it gives to dishes. This hardwood, from South Africa, burns long and evenly, making it ideal for grilling meat, fish and vegetables. In addition, Sekelbos wood produces a wonderful aroma that adds an extra dimension to your barbecue experience.

  • Environmentally friendly: Ecolighter uses recycled materials and minimizes environmental impact, while Sekelbos wood comes from sustainable sources.
  • Efficient: Ecolighter ensures quick and easy ignition (up to 500 degrees and burning for about 20-25 minutes) of the Sekelbos wood, so you can quickly start grilling.
  • Authentic taste: Sekelbos wood is known for its delicious aroma and adds a unique taste to grilled dishes.
  • Long lasting burning time: Sekelbos wood burns long and evenly, so you can enjoy your barbecue for longer.
  • Less smoke and emissions: The combination of Ecolighter and Sekelbos wood ensures cleaner combustion with less smoke and harmful emissions.
  • Healthy choice: By choosing Ecolighter and Sekelbos wood you can enjoy a cleaner and healthier barbecue experience for both you and the environment.

      When you combine Ecolighter with Sekelbos wood, you create an ideal combination of sustainability and taste. Ecolighter's environmentally friendly firelighters ensure quick and easy ignition of the Sekelbos wood, so you can quickly start grilling, baking or braaiing . While the Sekelbos wood burns slowly and evenly, you enjoy the authentic taste that only real braai wood can provide.

      In addition, the combination of Ecolighter and Sekelbos wood contributes to cleaner combustion, resulting in less smoke and harmful emissions . This allows you to not only enjoy delicious grilled food, but also a cleaner and healthier barbecue experience for both you and the environment.

      Ecolighter and Sekelbos wood together form the perfect partners for those looking for a sustainable, tasty and environmentally friendly barbecue experience. With this combination you can enjoy delicious dishes with peace of mind.